Andrew's Testimony

Cunning. Baffling. Powerful.

My whole world revolved around my obsession to escape reality. I drained myself dry of all self-sufficiency. I had acquired a devastating weakness. I had become completely unmanageable. I was unwilling to admit defeat. I had no desire to face responsibility. I had no desire to face who I was or what was truly happening. I had no concern of consequence, but still it came. Humiliation, shame, guilt. I was overpowered by this insane urge to continue to use, shutting out all the love and beauty this world has to offer. My horse was death and hell followed closely. If I had continued on this path, I would have surely destroyed myself.

The Lord granted my wife the strength to leave me. After all the times I tried to stop my sinful ways, after all I had lost, it was my wife separating from me that lifted the sickening curtain from my eyes, giving me the courage to seek help. I come to the Guiding Light Mission. Since I’ve been admitted to the New Life in Christ recovery program, I have experienced countless self-improvements. I have grown to hate what I used to be, giving me the motivation to be the best man, the best husband, and eventually the best father that I can possibly be. My faith has grown tremendously, walking this path with the Lord is a wonderful thing and will continue to bless me, for he has given me a new breath, made me a new creation. I was made aware of God’s presence in my life at a young age but my time at Guiding Light has opened my heart allowing me to experience a new beginning. The fact that Guiding Light embraces a strong family connection and encourages communication with loved ones, I have since made amends with my wife. We have been taking healthy and positive steps to re-establish our marriage, and for that I am deeply thankful.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff here at the Mission, the help and support they offer is absolutely amazing. Guiding Light and everything the program offers is truly a blessing to all who attend. I can now see all the beauty and love this crazy world has to offer, I can now look into the mirror and smile.

My name is Andrew, I am an alcoholic, and to today I am sober.